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What type of testing will be performed on my vehicle?

Only vehicle emissions testing is conducted. This can incorporate both dynamometer testing as well as evaporative testing.

What is the acceptance criteria?

This will vary depending on the model year, mileage, and the manufacturers testing requirements.


How do I get chosen for testing?

All owners are randomly mailed to for possible interest. KTL will keep all responses on file for testing. Vehicles that meet the initial criteria are once again randomized for testing. Not all owners that wish to participate will have this opportunity.


How long do you keep my information?

KTL keeps your information on file for a minimum of 1 year. If the manufacturer needs further testing than anticipated, we will contact interested owners that did not have the opportunity to previously participate. This way, we will not need to continually mail to you.


How long will the testing take?

As a general rule, we ask that all owners expect a 2 week time frame for testing. On occasion the testing may take longer.


How many miles will be put on my car?

The manufacturer will place approximately between 80 to 150 miles, depending on the number of tests conducted. Additional mileage from point of procurement and return need to be considered as well.


Will my car be insured?

Yes. Your vehicle is insured while in the care of KTL and by the manufacturer.


If my car needs maintenance or repairs, will this be done?

Unfortunately, the manufacturer will not make any repairs to preexisting problems, or perform maintenance. However, if emissions components need to be replaced, the manufacturer may replace them at no cost to you. On occasion the manufacturer may want to collect emission components for further testing. If your vehicle has any component replacements, you will be provided with a list of parts replaced for your maintenance records, still at no cost to you.


How is my personal information that I provide to KTL handled?

Your personal information is kept at KTL and only provided to the manufacturer. KTL will never sell your information to any 3rd parties, nor will we contact you t a later date to try and sell you any goods. KTL is a service provider to the automotive industry only.


Will I get a copy of my test results?

No. Only the manufacturer has these results. If there any concerns with your vehicle that the manufacturer has, KTL will communicate these concerns with the owner, along with any recommendations for your vehicles maintenance or performance.

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